Adapting a brand for the digital age

How branding should be done based on the latest VW rebranding use case.
Digital brand

In September 2019 Volkswagen launched their updated logo.

There have been eight previous adaptations of the VW logo and as an instantly recognisable global brand why would they make the changes now?

It’s down to the technical challenges of a digital age

Every brand logo faces the same challenges – to work perfectly on a smart watch, a smart phone, printed stationery, digital templates, exhibition stands or giant hoardings. From tiny sizes to… well there are no limits… the side of a tower block or aircraft livery?

The updated VW trademark is clear, simple and easy to use on a myriad of digital devices and applications; their 2D logo has been reduced to its essential elements.

google-1593085896118You can find out more about the redesign here

A brand designer’s challenge!

Social media demands that branding appears in circles, squares, rectangles and in a range of sizes for desktop, tablets or mobile phones. Layouts also vary depending on Android, Mac or the host of browser options.

Brand designers have the technical challenges of size and format, but we have other considerations too; clarity, differentiation, brand history, brand ethos and the technical difficulties of colour matching across different platforms (computer screen, print or vehicle livery and signage).

Designing and updating brands in the modern age is fun and exciting, we look to the latest technology and ensure that what we create is fit-for-purpose and engages the audiences that our clients choose to target.

So, is graphic design the same in the digital age?

Graphic design is still the craft of creating visual content to communicate messages.

But, what has changed is the depth of technical knowledge and skills required to create branding suitable for all types of media. Users want everything faster and clearer but they still value quality. And greater use of technology on the move creates challenges that are out of our control like strength of internet connection etc.

So, consider if your brand mark is working as well as it could for you:

  1. Does it load quickly and easily on portable devices?
  2. Is it clear and demonstrating brand values when printed on banners, exhibition stands or social media for example?
  3. Does your brand look the same across all media types?

If you need help or advice with your brand marketing, we’re here to accept the Challenge!

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