Creating engaging social video – a step by step guide

All social media platforms give brands the ability to shoot, upload and host video content. But where is the common ground across the platforms to ensure you are shooting for success?

We LOVE video at Challenge Marketing. Whether it’s connecting with your customers directly via video marketing or creating video-led content for your website, we can’t get enough of it.

And nor can you! Demand for video content is increasing; studies show that 93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy  (HubSpot, 2021). And the pandemic has had its influence on video too. As consumers, we are watching video a lot more; as content producers, 91% of marketers feel the pandemic has made video even more important for brands (HubSpot, 2021).

What about video and social media?

All social media platforms give brands the ability to shoot, upload and host video content along with a suite of tracking metrics on how the audience has engaged with the video.

But where is the common ground across the platforms to ensure you are shooting for success? Here are some considerations for you when creating or editing a video for social media.

1. Repurpose your top performing content

If you know a blog or thought piece has performed well for your business, then it is a no-brainer for you to use this content as a starting point for your next video. It also means you aren’t investing resources in producing content that hasn’t been tested yet. Just make sure the content you are proposing has good visual potential and is easily digestible.

2. Script Writing

Taking the time to write a short script will mean you are focusing on getting the key message across so the audience can follow the video easily and understand the call to action you are asking of them. It also means you don’t cram your video content with too many words or text on a frame that can be confusing, and downright ugly.

3. Platform considerations

Each platform is different. So you need to take time to consider what topic on which platform will work best for the audience you want to reach and engage with. And then you need to ensure that you optimise your video for the specific platform so it performs more effectively. Facebook and Instagram for example are two very different platforms when it comes to what the audience engage with; use this to your advantage.

4. Consider the orientation of the video

Portrait, landscape, full screen or square? Each format has its advantages and considerations, along with the effect you want to achieve. And think about where your audience will likely view the video – desktop or mobile? This all needs to be factored in.

5. Your brand’s visual identity

More applicable to a video series or campaign, do you want your video to sit in a ‘set’ with other videos you have produced? If so, it is worth looking at a template (think colours or on-screen graphics, shooting style etc) so you can adopt this as you produce more videos. This may include creating additional graphics and animations to make the content stand out.

6. A soundtrack is critical

Even though you may listen to videos without sound on, many others will have sound on too so it is important to consider what background sounds or music will engage them (it’s another way to make your video more memorable too). But, in a complete opposite twist, you also need to ensure you optimise your video for sound off too. That is, ensure your social media audience aren’t missing anything if their device is on mute.

7. Use analytics to improve future video content

Each social media platform provides you with the stats you need to assess whether the audience engaged with your video content, or not. Keep an eye on each video’s performance and track it closely. Seek to understand why certain videos perform well, and conversely why some might not engage your audience as you had hoped. Then feed these learnings into future video content production.

Need a little help on overcoming the challenge of creating engaging social videos? We are always happy to chat; click here to contact us.

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