Disruptive marketing: The three golden rules

You would be mistaken if you think ‘disruptive marketing’ is a buzzword. But what should you consider when implementing a disruptive marketing strategy?
Disruptive marketing

Competitive landscapes, the mass production of content and the (yes, we need to mention it) COVID-19 pandemic, have brought this to the fore.

Why disruptive marketing, why now?

Ok this needs to be in capital letters for emphasis:


Have we emphasised the importance of that for you?!

Today’s world is full of distractions; just think how many brand and marketing messages you receive per day let alone news feed and social media updates. This has made the need for disruption hugely relevant and offers, if implemented correctly, a competitive advantage.

But what does disruptive marketing strategy entail and how can you get started?

In a nutshell, disruptive marketing is…

…shaking things up and not just changing the perception about your company, but about the industry as a whole.

At the core of disruptive marketing is the emphasis that companies need to rethink the whole brand and not just their advertising and marketing campaigns. This may mean changing their business model, product or service and/or the message they communicate to consumers. Feels risky? Well, sticking to the same business model as your competitors can be even more of a threat.
We agree, that can take time though. So what can be actioned quicker?

Disruptive marketing can make your brand stand out by being:

  1. Approachable – telling your story
  2. Innovative – inspiring and engaging your customers
  3. Affordable – changing the way things are done, not the big budgets
  4. Fresh – testing and trying new activities

How to get started with disruptive marketing

The key question (caps back for emphasis): WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DISRUPT?

RULE 1: Customer needs

Think about your customer needs, are any of them being ignored? Or what weakness does your industry hold onto? Then you can look at where your brand can swoop in and improve the status quo.

RULE 2: Customer understanding and relevancy

It’s not enough to just know your customer needs, you need to understand them. Step into their shoes – what do they need from your company, how do they spend their time, what would enlighten them to you?

RULE 3: Surprise them!

When you know your competitive advantage, promote it in AN UNEXPECTED WAY! Create a buzz so you stand out and are noticed by your customer audience. This doesn’t mean you need big budgets; depending on your industry it could be as simple as the language you use e.g. by being humorous or clever.

Stand out from the crowd

Our world is changing and evolving at such a rapid pace that we are spoilt for choice (and likely suffering from information overload). Disruptive marketing can help marketers ensure their brand is competitive and noticed by their audience. Short term you can scratch the surface with relooking at your marketing initiatives whilst employing a culture of disruption for longer term thinking.

We love to chat! So contact us if you would like to see how you could be more disruptive. (We know more than just USING CAPITALS when looking to stand out!)

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