Is the clock TikToking down for your B2B brand?

Is the clock TikToking down for your B2B brand? We know it is big, but what does it mean for brands? And is there a place for it in the world of B2B marketing?

One of the biggest things that succeeded during lockdown was TikTok. In a matter of weeks, it was recognised as THE destination for mobile videos as well as becoming a household name, used as a verb and is continually the most downloaded app of 2020.

TikTok videos now make the national news and even grandparents are getting their TikTok on to stay in touch with their younger family members.

So we know it is big, but what does it mean for brands? And is there a place for it in the world of B2B marketing?

Critically, who uses TikTok?

If you have spent any time on the platform, you will see that in general, it is the younger generation (Gen Z) who use TikTok the most. BUT there is still a varied and wider age range of users than there was six months ago as people were, and are, staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From a UK point of view, this means approx c. 4 million active users; globally there are 800 million users with the largest number of active users in China, India and (at the moment), the US.

What does this mean for a B2B brand?

So your first thought is likely to be is it right for a B2B brand to take note of TIkTok? Although traditionally this isn’t a target audience for many B2B brands, it does create an opportunity to introduce potential customers to B2B brands at a younger age. AND the aforementioned surge in users during the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that there are now more users of all ages using the app, which of course means it does become a platform that needs consideration.

How can a brand benefit by being on TikTok?

Brands, whether B2C or B2B, see success on TikTok when they are creative and approach TikTok differently than their other social media platforms. The app exists for users to create then showcase their content for anyone; the space is limitless in this regard.

Consumer brands have embraced their creative side by creating videos that are funny and engaging, or often satirical. Product-specific shots have been parked for inspiration, tips and trends with an emphasis on entertainment vs physical good beauty shots.

In return, brands receive an opportunity to beat, or stand out against, their competitors. If creative enough, they may create or heavily influence a growing trend, all of which raises awareness to a much sought after younger demographic.

And B2B brands?

Let’s be honest, this is questionable right now for two reasons:

  1. Is your main audience on TikTok? 
  2. B2B marketers are still getting to grips with the big established platforms like Facebook and Instagram! 

BUT remember, you may need to consider reaching and influencing the younger demographics for recruitment campaigns for example. And again we have to mention that the TikTok audience demographic is getting older, so that will very likely be your audience at some point.

So in a nutshell, it is too soon right?

Yes and no! You know who your audience are and the young audiences who are in their first throes of their career will become your future customers. In parallel with the ‘aging up’ of the TikTok audience, it is not a platform to be discounted forever, but we very much recommend a watch-and-wait approach.

If you are a brand considering your presence on TikTok, then like all social media platforms you need to be realistic about the good quality content required to be a success. Repurposing your videos from Facebook for example will look lazy and negatively impact your brand. You need to create exclusive content for TikTok and if you can’t commit to that, then working with influencers who share the same audience as you is an option to consider.

Our final word…

If and when the time is right for your brand to embrace TikTok, remember, the key to success on this platform is short-form videos that are exciting, authentic, spontaneous and genuine. Chuck out your corporate rule book or you will fail immediately and instantly!

To discuss TikTok, or even Twitch or Triller (say what?!!), drop us a line.

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