The Challenge of Centralised Content

Centralised Marketing Content

When content creation lies with the US, it can be difficult to build a consistent strategy whilst dealing with an uncertain supply! But there are things to do to help you ensure you remain agile and make the most out of anything valuable that comes your way.

Your Quick Recipe for the Perfect Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year when many of us begin causing a commotion in the kitchen as we dust off our Jamie Olivers or Nigellas and start cooking for Christmas. Here at Challenge Marketing we are turning our attention to how to cook up the perfect Marketing Plan in 5 easy steps!

The Evolution of Marketing – warranted or w*nk?

Recently, more and more in fact, I am confronted by yet more marketing TLA’s, more ways to describe what we do and how to approach it and so I sit here and contemplate ‘marketing evolution’. Is it necessary or are we just marketing marketing? The Era of the Ps The classic 4Ps of marketing tell us: […]