The 5 big content trends – how many are you using?

Content, content, content! Content marketing should absolutely be part of your marketing strategy, you know that, we know that. But like the world of social

Content, content, content! Content marketing should absolutely be part of your marketing strategy, you know that, we know that. But like the world of social media and digital marketing, content marketing is ever evolving and changes can happen fast.

It’s hard to know what the latest trends are, are they relevant to your business and should you be using them to excite and engage your audience?

We summarise the five big content trends for you to consider below so you can ensure your content is meeting the expectations of your prospects and customers.

1. Next level visuals

We all know about the power of visuals and this is seen in the increasing use of Instagram and TikTok for example as well as GIF makers, avatars and augmented reality apps. So have you tried dynamic, custom images or are you still wedded to stock photography? Not every visual you post needs to be next level, but try and test different formats to excite your audience.

2.  Video and live stream content

The creation and consumption of video content still continues to rise; according to HubSpot 56% of 25-34-year-olds and 54% of 35-44-year-olds want to see more video content from brands they support. Plus, video is the type of content 62% of consumers say they consume thoroughly (vs their mind wandering off). There is now no excuse not to do video, or get left behind. Read out how to get started here.

3. Purposeful content

What do we mean by purposeful content? Simply put, purposeful content is focused on your audience. You want each piece of content to be aligned to your brand purpose, focused on the topics you want to position your brand as an expert on and critically adds value to the person interacting with it. 90% of the most successful content marketers put their audience’s information needs first over their promotional message, according to Content Marketing Institute’s B2B report. So you need to seriously consider whether your content is delivering this by being purposeful, or not.

4. Personalised content 

Customers are expecting more of the content they see to be personalised to them. They don’t want the exact same content that all of your other customers are getting, especially if they are looking to invest their budget and time with you. As technology and data merge, there are several ways you can personalise your content via the available dynamic content tools such as personalised video marketing or personalised content on e-newsletters. Just make sure the content is relevant to where the receiver is in their journey with you so the content will encourage them to take those crucial next steps.

5. Podcasts

No one can argue against the rise of podcasts! They are across every industry and sector. What is evolving though is that it’s not just that more people are listening to podcasts, it’s that they’re becoming more engaged with them then going off to interact with the brand across other channels. However, like all content it is important not to jump on the bandwagon and just record a podcast to tick the box (remember how we spoke about being purposeful earlier!). One option is to consider appearing on existing podcasts your audience already listens to.

Our final word!

More marketers than ever are prioritising quality and what the customer needs over sales messages. Visual media is going in startlingly new and exciting directions and innovative marketers are really pushing the boundaries of content creation.

We can’t wait to see how content marketing evolves! Drop us a line if we can help you with any content marketing questions or challenges that you may have.

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