How we work

How we work

How to get the most from your agency

How to get the most from your agency

In the age of integrated marketing, every new challenge demands more than one single service.  Whilst many traditional agencies have no choice but to offer a best-they-can-manage solution, our modular structure ensures we have no such restrictions.

We approach every challenge anew, creating the perfect bespoke solution for you and your business needs, not ours.

We understand the challenges you face. We’ve faced them before.

What is your challenge?

  • You’re looking for a collaborative partner able to add real value
  • You’re new in your role and need to make an IMPACT 
  • You’re a team of one and have many challenges all at once
  • You’re looking for a no nonsense, results driven agency
  • You need to shake things up

The right approach for the right challenge

It’s rare that one single service can deliver everything your business needs.  Challenge offers unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise, allowing a plug-and-play approach that delivers all the skills your project or campaign needs without having to juggle multiple suppliers.

Marketing consultancy

Challenges arise at any given moment and at those times, having a peer or trusted advisors can be invaluable.  As experts in our fields we are used to airdropping in for a specific challenge, helping to shape a workable solution and then either bowing out and letting you get on with it or delivering the project. 

Need an honest answer to an irritating problem
The core team swoop in, listen to what you’re up against, ask the questions that need to be asked, and put together a practical solution that is actually achievable.

Marketing agency

Looking for a no-nonsense, results-driven partner
Agencies have a reputation for over-complicating things, or selling services where they’re not really needed…  we’re all about agreeing targets, and just getting on with what needs to be done.  Whatever issues arise, we’re all about staying calm, finding a solution, and keeping disruptions to a minimum.   – we’ll keep rolling forwards, whatever’s thrown at us.

The Challenge team quickly get to grips with current activities, looking for things that can be improved without drastic changes, and calling in network members who can add complementary approaches and technologies.


If you don’t have a marketing team or you are a very small team, rather than employing just 1 person, use our experts as your extended team – making the most of your marketing spend by doing, not hiring.

Don’t know where to start
Our first goal is to introduce a sense of ordered calm, and then clarity.  We work out what needs to be done, and in what order.  We review data where it’s available, and we gather it where it’s not.  We work to build a structure, so once things are under control it’s simple to keep them that way.

Spread too thin
We swoop in and relieve the pressure!  We sit with you to work out with you where you want us to focus our efforts, giving you the space to spend time on your own top priorities.

Looking to do a lot with a little
When budgets are tight, it’s important that every penny earns its spend.  We’ll look at existing investments and make honest evaluations about their efficacy, sometimes telling an uncomfortable truth or two!  We’ll suggest where to double down, where to cut and run, and where small changes could make a big difference.

Staking out Marketing’s position within a growing business
As a business  grows, marketing is rarely (ridiculously) made a top priority –  but there comes a point at which the need can no longer be ignored!

Our job isn’t to dazzle with a wildly creative idea for the first campaign – it’s to outline a fundamental marketing infrastructure that will help your business deliver on its long term goals.

We will work with you to put in place reliable, effective systems that don’t require constant management – but the value of which can be clearly shown, so as to convince any cynics out there!

And once the foundations are in place… well, then it’s time for that wild creativity!

See what we can do for you: initial brand review

Our process

Whilst they face many similar challenges, businesses and projects benefit hugely from customised solutions.  To make sure you’re working with – and only paying for – exactly the team you need, we’ve developed a unique approach… Challenge Modules.

We have a network of consultant-level experts on hand, ready to be deployed as and when you need them – offering a plug-and-play approach to everything from Social Media content to Event Management.

A completely bespoke solution created just for you – high level, top quality, competitively priced.

We’ll work closely with both your sales and marketing teams, identifying key accounts and developing a plan that guarantees a seamless, end-to-end experience for your customers and an easy-to-follow conversion process for you. Once we have agreed the modules, we will devise a process and build the perfect team to achieve success; on time and on budget!

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