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Personalized video marketing to students

Student marketing gets personal!

How do you get students to comprehend and get excited by your offering in a noisy, busy space? Speak to them personally and at scale with personalized video.


Is marketing now a digital-first approach?

Since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the way we conduct business has changed, and in some ways dramatically. Does this mean that marketing is now a digital-first approach?

Bella Italia Magic FM radio ad
Case study

Bella Italia case study – Magic FM Radio Ad

Launch our Always Special campaign letting Bella customers – loyal and new – that we are back and ready to welcome them. Tie in the new menu offering too.

Activation: Radio campaign and social media campaign.

Centralised content

The challenge of centralised content

When content creation lies with the US, it can be difficult to build a consistent strategy whilst dealing with an uncertain supply! But there are things to do to help you ensure you remain agile and make the most out of anything valuable that comes your way.

WTF is content marketing

WTF is Content Marketing!

Content marketing debunked and defined as part of your WTF series. Helping us all understand and embrace marketing strategies and tactics better.

Category: Marketing Strategy