Personalised Video Marketing (PVM)

Our Service Offering

We have added personalised video marketing to our agency services for the simple reason that it is an
easy and effective way to stay in touch with your customers and consumers.

There are three main ways we can capture the ‘video’ element of Personalised Video Marketing, all of which can be supported by our team of experts at Challenge. We very much understand that it may be daunting to take on another platform but we are here to guide you through the process as well as work with you on video strategy, branding and assets and the all-important ROI.

Value Proposition

1:1 At-Desk

True Account-based Marketing

Become more than a faceless entity and build a personal relationship right from the start. On-board with ease. Close that deal faster! Make the human connection.


These easy-to-integrate videos are recorded by your own team, at their own desks. Prospects are more inclined to start a dialogue if they have seen your face.

Start now

No specialist equipment needed and we can work with you to create a plan - scripts, cadence, campaign, creative, CRM integration. Or we can train you and you can be self-sufficient.


These examples are by no means an exhaustive list, but should give you a good understanding how you can deploy 1:1 At-Desk videos.

Event Messaging

Personal invitations are a great way to
get your key accounts involved with
up-coming events.
How about sending a personal thank you for attending with support material as a follow-up - pretty compelling, eh?


No one talks about it, but everyone is doing it - PVM helps you stand out, and add that all-important human element.
Be more than just a text-based email - speak directly to them in your own voice.

Client and Channel Relations

You know that people buy from people, PVM will maintain or create your 'in person' connection wherever
your client is located.

Value Proposition

1:1 Vidi-Marketing

Account-based Marketing at scale

Allows you to deploy ultra-engaging, highly-targeted account-based marketing at scale. Reach more people, faster!

Recorded by professionals

Recorded by our team of professionals from their top-quality home studios.

experience content creators

We'll work with you to develop your video style and messaging.


These examples are by no means an exhaustive list, but should give you a good understanding how you can leverage our 1:1 Vidi-Marketing team.

Launch/ Cross-sell

Every product launch is unique. Video lets you show just how excited you are about what you have to offer!

Subscription Renewals

Make sure your regular, routine communications don't get lost amongst a sea of emails.

Newsletter with style

Newsletters are great, but often over-whelming. Deliver the highlights in a short personalised video message.

Click to see how we made an announcement message to customers more personal. Recorded at home (or studio/office) and using customer data to make a simple message, more engaging. 

Watch the original video here to see it in action with multiple data to show where we have personalised.

Value Proposition

1:1 Automation

Personalisation at limitless scale

Use your customer insights and data to produce personalised video content, no matter how many contacts you have.

Highly polished content

Work with our team of script-writers, film-makers, animators and sound artists to create an experience for your clients.

Long-term use

Create long-term, repeat-use assets that use data-driven personalisation to maximise engagement.


These examples are by no means an exhaustive list, but should give you a good understanding how you can deploy our 1:1 Data-driven solution


GENERATE LEADS. CLOSE DEALS. Leverage what you know about your clients to deliver customised offers of relevant products and services.


Keep your clients engaged with personal renewal, special occasion or loyalty program information.


Welcome new customers with a friendly, personalised video message, becoming more than a faceless company.