Sales and Marketing Alignment

Historically, businesses have split their customer acquisition and conversion into two distinct teams – marketing and sales.

But, as far as your customers are concerned, the journey from initial awareness through to final purchase and beyond is a continuous one – any break and you stand a good chance of losing that customer.

As long as there’s a disconnect between your marketing and sales teams, your sales process will never be as effective as it should be.


Communication between your teams goes both ways:


  • Work directly with customers every day
  • Practical understanding of pain points, stumbling blocks etc.
  • Know exactly what they wish they had access to
  • Often feel the pressure of looming targets
  • Can be sceptical of Marketing!


  • Understand the wider communication landscape
  • Deal with larger numbers and more diverse audiences
  • Are tasked with, but find it more difficult to, track and assign ROI
  • Need to constantly generate and qualify leads
  • Often feel misunderstood by Sales!

We’ll work closely with both your sales and marketing teams, helping to define the tools they both need in order to create a seamless experience for your customers.  Together, we’ll make sure that Marketing stand the best chance of finding the right types of contact, and that Sales stand the best chance of turning them into customers.

Challenge Modules

What are Challenge Modules and why do we use them?

Rarely will just one single service deliver all that your business requires. With us, you have the depth and breadth of expertise to plug and play what ever your project or campaign needs to succeed without having to juggle multiple suppliers. So to deliver any project we work on with you, we utilise our modular approach.

The Process

To make sure your sales and marketing teams are seamlessly aligned, we first need to understand how things currently stand.  After in-depth discussions with everyone involved, and a review of existing messaging and assets, we’ll work together to create an end-to-end customer journey that ensures a great customer experience and maximises lead conversion.