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The Challenge

Is it time for your SDRs, BDRs, inside sales and sales teams to consider a new way of communicating with your prospects and customers?

Video is such a powerful sales tool that it’s crazy to ignore it.  And, as an emerging technology, now is a great time to get a jump on your competitors! 

  • Book more meetings
  • Close deals faster
  • Stay connected
  • Support sales pitches
  • Offer greater value
  • Video lead scoring 

So, what do you need to know next to get going?

Tanium personalised video marketing case study

Case study

How Tanium mastered video at scale

Is there a sales team out there that isn’t always looking for ways to book more meetings?!

In an industry that prizes face-to-face contact, restrictions imposed by the pandemic had instantly removed a key sales channel – a gap that Tanium were very keen to fill. As video marketing specialists, Tanium tasked Challenge with giving their staff an entirely new skillset – personalised video marketing:

  • Build on the SDR’s already-impressive outreach armoury
  • Engage prospects and clients with a new, innovative communication channel
  • Demonstrate Tanium’s commitment to their staff, and investment in their futures
  • Get the teams together during a difficult time and give them something fun to do!

Personalised Video Marketing

What is it?

If you’re looking for an engaging way to speak to your customers, video may well hold the answer.

From more efficient lead generation to accelerated deal closing and effortless on-boarding personalised video will help.

Our bootcamps focus on the 1:1 at-desk tools, helping personalised video marketing play a key role in your customer communications, offering a better ROI and higher CTR than you have now!

What is personalised video marketing?

Why should you use it?

Marketing and sales are all about connecting with your customers – and the more you can tailor your messaging, the more effective your efforts will be.

Personalised Video Marketing combines the power of video with the engagement of personalisation, offering a range of options and approaches that each solve key communication challenges.

With a tool for every stage of your sales process – from brand awareness to long-term relationship building – personalised video could play a pivotal role in your customer acquisition and management activities.

Video marketing webinar 2020

How do I get started?

What can you expect?

Our unique approach

The PVM Sales Bootcamp

As you’d imagine by the name, our video training Bootcamps efficiently and effectively get you and your team using Video Marketing as soon as possible. 

BUT… not just that – Challenge Marketing offers video training like no other! We don’t just teach you the platform, we help you and your team get the very best from this exciting new channel. 

You will hear from our diverse team including technical experts, marketing specialists, scriptwriters and professional actors – bringing an unrivalled breadth and depth of insight to your sessions.

Our 4-week Sales Video Bootcamp will have your team up-and-running before you know it, getting them comfortable in front of a camera and guiding them through planning, shooting and sending videos that are both engaging and effective.

The different Types

Sales bootcamp

We’ll cover all the basics, from setting up your recording space to sending and tracking your videos, getting everyone comfortable in front of the camera and turning out top quality videos as fast as possible!

The fast-and-furious, get-you-in-the-game option focuses on getting your team actively using PVM the right way, FAST!

In our 4-week Sales Bootcamp,  we’ll cover:

Technical set-up

From installing the video platform extension to understanding the basics of the tool, we’ll set you up to succeed from day one. We can work with your IT departments to ensure a slick integration.



Starting the training by understanding WHY video is such a powerful tool and what makes it memorable for us human beings.



Bad lighting can make even the best content look anything from dull and dreary to borderline crazy.  We’ll talk through how to ensure your videos stand out whilst creating all the right impressions about your business.



Although we’re all used to making video calls these days, good sales videos are about more than just turning on a webcam and hitting record.

We’ll help you set up the perfect spot to feel both comfortable and free from distraction whilst recording.



This one’s kind of obvious, but it’s all-too-often overlooked. Modern phones and webcams have great in-built microphones but sound quality is about more than that and we’ll teach you what you need to get heard!



At the end of each session attendees are tasked with completing homework – the more you use the platform, the better you get so we push your team to achieve the best results possible as quickly as possible.  It also means we can start to see and help each individual with their specific needs – some are more confident than others and we’ll be there to support them all.

Feedback & Q n A

A recap to make sure everyone is still on track… How was session 1? What did we learn? We also give generic feedback on the homework.

Tips & tricks from a Pro

Our professional actor will talk to the bootcamp attendees and offer advanced tips and tricks. We’ll look at how they would have done the homework.

Real-life examples

To help see this tool in action, we start this week to see a real-life example of PVM. This helps position the end goal and give a working example of what we’re all aiming for.

Feedback & Q n A

A recap to make sure everyone is still on track… How was session 2? What did we learn? We also give generic feedback on the homework.


Optimising the outcome

In week 3 the attendees are proficient in video marketing and so we start looking at the practicalities and optimisation of PVM.

Feedback & Q n A

A final chance to discuss how each attendee is doing and answer questions.


Additional Use Cases

We will have focussed on the specific  1:2:1 format for use over email, but by week 4 we’ll be showing the full range of possibilities for their new skill. e.g. Social Sharing, document sharing and more…

Sales bootcamp PLUS

If you need more than just driving lessons on the tool, then Bootcamp+ is for you.  We’ll work much more hand-in-glove with your business needs and deliver not only the training but a complete campaign around it to help you leverage your data and PVM from day one.

As well as all you get from the Sales Bootcamp, you will also benefit from:

Week 1 – Starting with Video Prospecting

Week 2 – Lessons from the Pro

Week 3 – Optimise your videos for engagement

Week 4 – Beyond the basics

Choosing your audience

Just like when making phone calls, some contacts are more suitable for video messaging than others.  Together we’ll look at what your goals are, making sure that you’re always focussing your efforts on just the right people, at just the right time.


Calls to Action

Whether it’s downloading an asset, joining a webinar or booking a meeting, video is a fantastic way to engage your audience.  Over the course of the bootcamp we’ll look at the right time for the right CTA – when to nurture, and when to strike!

Writing a script

Once you’re up-and-running you won’t really need a script, but even the most seasoned of experts benefit from a basic structure when shooting their sales videos.  We’’ run through preparing a simple outline – one that keeps you on track whilst still coming across as relaxed and natural.


Like any tool, there’s a right time and a wrong time to use video.  We’ll go through building a campaign around personalised video, as well as covering how you can add video to dramatically increase the efficacy of your existing communications.  


Whilst the video is the star of the show, it still needs its supporting cast.  The emails you send with your videos, and your sharing pages, both play a key part of the nurture and conversion process.

Campaign flow

When building a narrative, it’s important to know what to say, and what to write.  From your campaign’s opening subject line to its closing call to action, we’ll look at how to take a cold prospect and nurture them across multiple touchpoints.



Everything up until you hit send is just half the process – to really make the most of video as a medium it has to play a key part of a wider communications process.  Comprehensive tracking gives you all the raw information you need to learn so much more about your sales outreach than whether someone booked a call or not.



The more you know about how your videos are performing, the more you can do.  Going far beyond basic metrics, you can examine everything from how much of your videos are being watched to what device and where in the world they are, allowing you to maximise the efficacy of both your assets and your approach.



Video is a hugely flexible and versatile tool – it isn’t always just about closing a deal!  Perfect for everything from breaking-the-ice and initial introductions, to forging customer relationships, to maintaining long-term partnerships, there are almost no limits to how well video can boost your ongoing nurture programmes.

Bespoke bootcamp

Our bootcamp is a fantastic out-of-the-box introduction to video marketing for your team. But if you have a specific idea or goal in mind we can design a program that focuses on giving everyone the skills needed to make it happen.

Whether it’s closing deals, building channel assets or just adding some variety to your regular comms strategy, speak to us today about how a Bespoke Challenge Bootcamp can help get you there.


"...Their training and meticulous approach has aided our reps to not only be comfortable with video marketing, but confident using it as a prospecting tool - some are even now advocates of it within our organisation! Thank you for introducing us to the many benefits of video marketing."

Field Marketing Specialist, Enterprise Level Tech Company

Personalised Video Marketing

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