Engaging staff in
video training

Tanium Case Study

“I would definitely recommend video outreach. It totally changed my way of prospecting and I’ve been very successful with it.”


The challenge

Tanium are in the cybersecurity business. They offer a single platform that can identify where all your data is, patch every device you own and implement critical security controls in real time. During the pandemic they lost a key sales channel — face-to-face meetings. We were tasked with giving their staff an entirely new skillset to help them close this gap — personalised video marketing.

The work

We worked alongside team leaders to understand exactly what Tanium was aiming to achieve. We then created a training programme that would equip them with the skills they needed. Over two weeks three marketeers completed a course of technical training. Each was given one-on-one support.

Training the SDR team
We then led an interactive personalised video bootcamp over five weeks. It covered how to plan, write, shoot, despatch and convert using engaging video content. Designed to be fast yet manageable, the bootcamp built on the team’s skills week-on-week, offering individual feedback and weekly assignments to keep everyone engaged, without being overwhelmed or distracting from their regular activities. Completion of the bootcamp was celebrated by an ‘Oscars’ evening, offering a light-hearted yet valuable look back at what everyone had learned.

Watch the team
share their thoughts
and experiences.

Watch the team
share their thoughts
and experiences.

The outcome

All 10 SDRs successfully completed the bootcamp. Personalised video is now a key part of their outreach armoury.

Tanium also built morale by bringing teams together during a difficult time and showing their commitment to investing in people’s futures.


  • New innovative sales channel
  • Conversion rate increased to 15%
  • Invigorated sales team
  • Meetings booked with 5 new accounts in just 2 weeks
  • Meeting secured with CIO of major European bank after a year of other attempts

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