Finding new ways to
engage students

University of East Anglia Case Study

“The whole project ran so smoothly. Challenge were incredibly helpful. ​The results have been brilliant.”


The challenge

The University of East Anglia had a large pool of applicants who had expressed interest in joining them. But they needed commitments. We were tasked with getting these ‘almost there’ applicants over the line.​

The work

Our solution was to use personalised video marketing — a more engaging medium than direct mail. Harnessing the power of the university’s applicant data, we produced literally thousands of personalised video assets for applicants around the globe. The content of each video was directly relevant to the applicant receiving it.​

Time and budget were relatively limited, and the University was keen to leverage existing assets wherever possible. So we worked closely with them and their partners to drive new value from existing video resources, taking elements that had been created for a mass audience and reworking them to be ready for data-driven automated personalisation, right down to the individual level.

Watch an example of the personalised video here.

The outcome

The University had so much success with personalised video marketing, they ran the same campaign the following year and were able to eliminate the direct mail element of their outreach altogether.

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