Personalised Video Marketing

"I would definitely recommend video outreach because it totally changed my way of prospecting and I’ve been very successful with it!"

Lorenz, Territory Sales Manager - UK&I

The challenge

Is there a sales team out there that isn’t always looking for ways to book more meetings?!

In an industry that prizes face-to-face contact, restrictions imposed by the pandemic had instantly removed a key sales channel – a gap that Tanium were very keen to fill. As video marketing specialists, Tanium tasked Challenge with giving their staff an entirely new skillset – personalised video marketing:

  • Build on the SDR’s already-impressive outreach armoury
  • Engage prospects and clients with a new, innovative communication channel
  • Demonstrate Tanium’s commitment to their staff, and investment in their futures
  • Get the teams together during a difficult time and give them something fun to do!

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Tanium personalised video marketing case study

"(The bootcamp) was brilliant – not only do you get the basic training on the platform, which is important itself, but in addition to that the sessions were very interactive, we had an actress joining the sessions and giving us some really good pointers, we had the awards show at the end, and the videos we had to do – the bad and the good ones – it made the whole thing much more than just a virtual lesson about something – it was a very pleasant surprise!"​

Nora, Marketing Programs Manager

How we met the challenge

In a world of video calls it’s easy to underestimate the challenges of successfully deploying personalised video, and with so much potential it can be difficult to know where to start!

To keep things relatively straightforward, we worked alongside team leaders to specify exactly what Tanium was aiming to achieve, developing a Personalised Video Marketing that worked directly towards those goals.

With 10 SDRs chomping at the bit, we split them into 2 groups of 5 to make sure everyone was getting all the one-on-one support they needed.
3 marketeers completed the technical training separately over just 2 weeks to keep them firmly in the loop
The interactive Personalised Video Bootcamp was delivered over 5 weeks, covering how to plan, write, shoot, despatch and convert using genuinely engaging video content

Designed to be fast yet manageable, the Bootcamp built on the team’s skills week-on-week, offering individual feedback and weekly assignments to keep everyone engaged, without being overwhelmed or distracting from their regular activities

The end of the Bootcamp was celebrated by an ‘Oscars’ evening, offering a light-hearted yet valuable look back at the huge improvements made by everyone involved!

Services used

The PVM Oscars

"For me personally, outreach via video is a game changer! "

Lorenz, Territory Sales Manager - UK&I

"We've already been able to book meetings within five accounts with only two weeks passed, which is brilliant."

Ryan, Head of Marketing - Northern Europe

"Night and day in terms of getting results!"

Stacy, Territory Account Manager

The outcome

All 10 SDRs successfully completed the Bootcamp, and are now using Personalised Video not just for the planned campaign, but throughout their daily sales activities.

  • Conversion rate up to 15% 
  • Booked meetings within five accounts in only two weeks 
  • After a year of other attempts PVM BOOKED a meeting with CIO of a very large bank in Europe
  • Happy, invigorated, winning SDR team
  • Marketing dept with a new, exciting channel to utilise

"I would 100% recommend doing the bootcamp from Challenge Marketing. I think it was so much fun and it helped learn about video prospecting."

Anita, Territory Sales Manager - Germany

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