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Your brand is the heartbeat of your business, and it’s time to amplify its pulse. Our Brand Review is the launchpad for start and scale-ups striving for market prominence without the luxury of a large marketing department.

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Thomas Buk

Challenge Marketing’s team swooped in, understood my business and got on with the review. I was amazed at the breadth of things they looked at and some of the feedback was eye-opening!​

Thomas Buk

What can be included?

Our team of director-level experts will work with you to understand your challenge before tailoring your brand review and looking with a fresh pair of eyes into your business and its presence. 

  • Brand Perception Survey & Results
    We send a survey out on your behalf to see what people say about your brand’s look and feel. We then analyse that data and give you visual interpretations to help understand what it all means!
  • Visual Identity
    Here our expert will really look into your brand as a whole. The messaging, the values and the story-telling, as well as the more tangible logos, fonts and colours in use.
  • Your website vs your competitors
    Your website may well be THE single most important place your brand is used and it is vital to optimise it both in terms of content and UX. We’ll not only look at yours, we’ll also review your competitors’ sites so that you can REALLY see how you measure up!
  • Collateral
    Sales decks in circulation? Product sheets? Anything that’s telling your brand-story or explaining your products and services should be consistent… and we’ll be checking!
  • Adverts & Digital Media
    Whether digital or in print, your assets all need to do you proud – we’ll use our expertise to show you how the rest of the world sees you.
  • Social Media
    Your business’ shop window, and often the 1st place your prospects learn about you – it’s a fast-paced world and you don’t have long to get it right! Not only do we look at yours, we’ll cover your competitors’ too to give you a 360° view.
    The wonderful world of words combine with the might of Google algorithms. We’ll bench-mark you and the competition, giving you the data and insight you need to make fully-informed decisions.
  • Review Summary
    Closing thoughts and pearls of wisdom from our Chief Marketing Strategist that will help distill the summaries and conclusions from such an extensive document.
  • Marketing Roadmap
    Now that you have all this information, how do you know what to focus on now and what follows?  Our whole team will get together and map out our approach for short, mid and long-term plans!
  • Next Steps
    Action points! What needs to happen, all listed out for you. Sometimes, things really are that simple

Got restricted
marketing time & budget?

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Meet some of your experts

The team that will deliver your review are all director-level experts with decades of experience.

Our experts specialise in unearthing the essence of your brand, deploying director-level experience to dissect and analyse every facet of your marketing presence.

This expertise is not just about giving your organisation a competitive edge; it’s about streamlining your route to market leadership, maximising resources, and enhancing engagement, setting you firmly on the path to growth and success.

Marketing Strategist & Content Director

Charles works hard to get to the heart of every project he takes on! By truly understanding you, your business and its needs he delivers strategy that works.

SEO & PPC Expert

Tim is an experienced and dedicated digital marketing professional. He applies his tenacity to building campaigns and strategy that deliver results.
Account & Social Media Director
Elaine specialises in Strategic Social Media Management. She covers a range of sectors and all channels so has a broad-ranging, holistic view of the medium.

CEO & Founder

An ability to bring a team together like no other! Her years of experience means Lucy has ideas and inspiration across a broad range.

Branding Expert

Andrew has extensive creative and brand design experience from new brand inception to the evolution of existing ones. His eye for detail and flair for copy means he offers the whole package when reviewing a brand.

Managing Director

Combining over a decade’s experience in the B2B SaaS FinTech sector with solid marketing knowledge, you won’t find a better fit to help guide and drive you and your business forward.

Creative Director

A creative person with decades of cross-sector experience. There is literally nothing Paul hasn’t worked on before! He has a natural eye for what works and has the ability to fully grasp the requirement to blend the creative look with the business needs.

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EXAMPLE Brand Review Challenge Marketing

Totally set the scene and helped me understand how my brand is perceived and where I needed to focus my time and budget.


No. A lot of organisations we typically work with have no marketing department or a very small team. 

The aim of the review is togive you a broad and deep understanding of your current situation and offer some starting points to help you prioritise your sacred budgets and invest in the right things at the right time.

Yes. We can tailor the review to cover the relevant areas of your business to help you succeed.

Sales and marketing need to work hand-in-glove to be efficient so we will always be keen to help with both sides of the coing.

Timescales of course vary but we start with the smaller reviews taking as little as 2 weeks. You get incredibly useful insights you start actioning fast!

Prices start from c£5,000 (exVAT) typically.

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