Meet the challenge of
personalised video messages

Meet the challenge of personalised video messages

Finding new ways to cut through the noise

How to find new ways to cut through the noise

If you’re looking for an engaging way to speak to your customers, video may well hold the answer.

From more efficient lead generation to accelerated deal closing and effortless on-boarding, personalised video will help.

Available as simple 1:1 at-desk sales messages,up to mass-use data-driven brand assets, personalised video marketing can play a key role in your customer communications and offer a better ROI and higher CTR than you have now!

To get you started, we created these infographics:

Personalised video marketing options

1:1 At-Desk

  • True Account-Based-Marketing
    Become more than a faceless entity and build a personal relationship right from the start. Close that deal faster, and on-board with ease.
  • Easy-to-use
    These easy-to-integrate videos are recorded by your own team, at their own desks. Our clients find their prospects are more inclined to start a dialogue if they have seen your face.
  • Start now
    No specialist equipment is needed and we can work with you to create a plan – scripts, cadence, campaign, creative, CRM integration.  And we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way so to ensure you’re as self-sufficient as you want.

1:1 at scale

  • Personalisation at limitless scale
    Use your customer insight and data to produce personalised video content, no matter how many contacts you have.
  • Highly polished content
    Work with our team of script-writers, film-makers, animators and sound artists to create an experience for your clients.
  • Long-term use
    Create long-term, repeat-use assets that use data-driven personalisation to maximise engagement and ROI.

Example 1:1 at scale outreach

Click to see how we made an announcement message to customers more personal. Recorded at home (or studio/office) and using customer data to make a simple message more engaging. Watch the original video here to see it in action.


The easiest way to understand vidi-marketing is to liken it to tele-marketing. By using our experts to record video messages for you, you can utilise 1:1 video but at much larger scale – making it possible to run the kind of direct campaigns that would grind regular outbound activities to a halt!

  • Account based marketing at scale
    Allows you to deploy ultra-engaging, highly-targeted account-based marketing at scale. Quite simply you reach more people, faster.
  • Save time and resource
    Free up your team to focus on nurturing the leads vidi-marketing generate.
  • Experienced content creators
    We’ll work with you to develop your style and messaging.