The word of the moment is ‘pivot’


Is it time to change your approach?

Every business leader is looking at their existing business models, and having to ask whether they work in today’s environment – if they do, great! We’re seeing some businesses really rocket. They fit the needs and consumers are actively seeking them out; Zoom, Slack, and Amazon are some of the big companies that fall into that category. Some smaller folks are doing well too: my local butchers have never been so busy, nor has the fruit and veg family run business.

They have both pivoted to home delivery. We are, more and more, turning to shopping locally and that must be a good thing, right?

But, unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone, as we know only too well. Some businesses are closing or having to furlough staff, running on skeleton teams to try and weather the storm.

As marketers it is a very fine line we walk. We ourselves are a business looking to survive, and all of our clients still need to generate new leads, close deals and keep the pipeline moving – in many cases doing so could mean the difference between having a future, and not. It’s vital that we maintain momentum, but doing so without ‘Ambulance chasing’ can in itself can be tricky.

Our advice?

Be honest. Be genuine. Be useful. As long as your offering ticks those three boxes, it’s worth examining your message and approach to reaching new customers and embracing your existing ones. Do you need to pivot the style? The content? At the very least you’ll definitely need to re-word some assets and make sure your sales and marketing teams are aligned with your new approaches.

With some channels now not an option, pivoting ‘how’ and ‘where’ you communicate is top of the agenda.

With no more events, conferences, direct mail and sales meetings, how on earth can you stay relevant and maintain those crucial human interactions?

We’re finding that video answers the challenge. Video conferencing, content and communications are all stepping in to help build and maintain direct business relationships. You’ll already be getting very used to seeing yourself on screen I am sure! But can we do more with that as a medium? We think so…

Have you heard of ‘Personalised Video Marketing’ or PVM for short? We’re pretty excited about it here at Challenge and know it can tick a lot of boxes for sales and marketing directors looking to, or even needing to, pivot!


Do you need to…

  • Boost lead and demand generation?
  • Close deals quicker?
  • On-board faster?
  • Secure renewals more easily?

Of course you do! We all need to!

From top to bottom of the funnel, PVM is working!

You’ll hear more from us over the next few weeks but if you’d like a heads-up into what’s new in sales and marketing, check out our PVM section:Video Marketing.

Until then… #staysafe

Lucy 🙂

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