Power Half-Hour Series

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What to expect?

From sales to marketing to killing endless hours on the internet, the allure of video is inescapable. Where it used to be expensive and time-consuming to produce, modern technologies and approaches mean you can now, with a few small changes, see some truly remarkable results.


This rapid-fire Power Half-Hour from Challenge covers:

This isn’t a traditional webinar – our goal is to give you enough insight into what’s possible without getting bogged down in the details – after just 30 minutes we want you to feel inspired, not overwhelmed!


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Your hosts

Challenge Marketing is a full-service B2B agency with a difference; built around a core team, we’re a network of hugely-experienced Director-level professionals, ready to be deployed when your project demands it.

Lucy Allen

Lucy Allen

@ Challenge

Charles Hogge

Charles Hogge

Marketing Strategist
@ Challenge

Elaine Starborg

Elaine Starborg

Account & Social Media Director
@ Challenge

What is a Power Half-Hour?

How many webinars do you see advertised every week? They’re a logical alternative to real-world events, but are all-too-often little more than buzzwords and death-by-powerpoint..

Each Power Half-Hour from Challenge aims for something a little different.


Every business is different, with unique challenges and constraints; you might be looking for anything from a shedload of new leads to a brand new Partner Program.

As a result, typical webinars often spend a lot of time covering things that are of no immediate interest to you.


Our Power Half-Hours try to sidestep that problem by covering a lot of angles, quickly. We give you enough insight and essential understanding that, by the end of 30 minutes, you’ll know where to invest more of your time, and where not to.


Whether it’s refining existing marketing plans to improve ROI, or providing ideas that can help guide your company’s strategic future, Power Half-Hours from Challenge form the perfect jumping off point.

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