More engaging tools for the sales team

The challenge

The challenge came in: “We are low on MQL’s!  So how can we use video marketing to increase conversion rate, specifically from whitepaper downloads, webinars etc.

They especially like the feature to book meetings as that is auto classified as an MQL and they have a wealth of info about specific accounts but the challenge is delivering it to right people and not just a generic response to everyone.

And finally, the ability to scale… how do we take our best SME’s and them even better!

The work

As a pilot, we ran with some older data sets as a proof of concept. We used a pre-existing campaign and enhanced some touch-points with personalised video outreach. 

By putting 3 BDRs through the personalized marketing bootcamp, we trained them how to use video effectively in their day to day lives. We also worked with them to develop the scripts, the delivery and of course the technical set ups.

We ran this campaign alongside a business as usual (BAU) approach so we had a benchmark.

  • Video training
  • Technical training
  • Presentation skills
  • Campaign planning
  • Data cleansing
  • Account based marketing

The outcome

  • 1 BDR sent 85 videos in a week and booked 25 meetings.
  • 10.57% higher CTR than BAU
  • 29.4% conversion rate

Fran Carasco, EMEA Integrated Marketing Programs Senior Specialist


PVM bootcamp

Campaign planning

Account Based Marketing