Bella Italia:
Using radio to increase engagement

The challenge

Having come up with their newly-adopted ‘Always Special’ strapline, Bella Italia turned once again to Challenge for help in rolling out their new messaging by developing a radio advert to be played on Magic FM.

  • Create medium-specific content for Bella Italia’s bullseye demographic
  • Drive a dramatic reappraisal of the brand and what it offers guests
  • Leverage many phones’ ‘shake it now’ functionality to be served up more information
  • Deliver a clear, single-minded Call to Action and drive urgency
  • Do all of the above in exactly 30 seconds
Bella Italia mockup

The work

Keen to be a part of the country’s post-COVID reopening, Bella Italia wanted to move quickly!

To ensure the process moved as efficiently as possible, we began with a series of rough treatments: simple, text-based concepts that are quick to produce but comprehensive enough to give Bella Italia a clear understanding of our proposals – allowing for immediate feedback and guaranteeing that the project developed in exactly the right direction from the very first step.

As soon as everyone was happy we moved on to the draft script – this began to map out both the language of the advert and any additional elements, such as possible voice-overs artists and background sound effects.

Once the script was finalised, everything was recorded in studio and sounds were added before being submitted for final approval.

  • Drafts
  • Casting
  • Recording
  • Sound effects and music
  • Advertising standards approval

Jocelyn Mostert, Marketing Director, Bella Italia


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