Veridium ID:
Creating a powerful brand

The challenge

With piecemeal changes already underway (such as a new logo), Veridium were keen to ‘freshen up’ the look and feel of their brand across all channels and resources – and to do so in a way that truly resonated with their core audiences.

The work

Working closesly with Veridium we undertook a series of sales and marketing sessions, gathering as much information as possible and taking full advantage of the disparate experiences and insights of Veridium’s various teams.

Together, we developed a much clearer understanding of exactly who VeridiumID’s primary customers are, what challenges and pain points they were facing in their day-to-day lives, and how we could ensure that all of Veridium’s branding – both messaging and visual identity – truly resonated with their real-world audience.

The outcome

To help Veridium roll out their new branding, and to deliver consistency through every corner of the business, we created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, including a new strapline and comprehensive brand toolkit.

By the time we were done, Veridium were confident that the whole company had a clear vision, a unified message and a powerfully effective visual identity.

VeridumID brand guidelines


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